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Angels Touring

It all comes down to your energy, your light, your words, your integrity and your beauty as you journey your path. At Spirit Talk Time we understand all of that and more. Each one of us has walked our journey and continue to do so, as our path has lead us here together with you.

We have been working collectively with Spirit for numerous years and I guess you can say numerous lifetimes. Bringing together our professional expertise. Each one of us has had a different if not similar path we waled and had to experiencing within our own lessons. Just as you have. We joined together to share those experiences with you to assist in any way we can as you journey your spiritual path in this world. We will give to you the truths, myths, stories, messages, and knowledge for you to have your tools with you as you grow and enlighten all those you meet along the way.

Like & Follow us on Face Book & Instagram. Journey with us as we travel and meeting everyone we can. Meeting Mediums, Psychics, Healers, Furry Friend Guardians. Checking out events and joining you in your own back yard or grabbing a bite to eat. Sit in our Studio as an audience member when we go live once a month.

Ask us your questions, and we will not only give you the best guidance we can as your Spirit Guides, but we will occasionally deliver message from your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides & Angels.

Walk with us as we find ourselves deep int he forest gathering & harvesting herbs with Shelowann. Candy with Jeanette and farm to table yuminess with Adele.

We are Spirit Talk Time and we are bringing Spirit to you!

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