You’re here! Hello and Welcome to Spirit Talk Time!

As you know there’s a reason for everything and since you’re here, than it must be time for you to meet the crew at Spirit Talk Time! We are so excited for your own unique, personal, ongoing creation of your life’s journey.

We all have that uniqueness about us…

Here at Spirit Talk Time we are surrounded with decades of experience in all kinds of mediumship genres, healing modalities, empowerment, workshops, classes, events, filming, creating…We all have collectively experienced a great deal in life from traumas and abuse to completely starting over. We’ve seen a lot, been through a lot and have a deep respect for knowing each has their journey, so when Spirit guides you to us we know there’s a good reason, that we are all connected and that we honor this process, your process, our process…this process of opening to Spirit’s gifts and stepping out into this life with all that.

We believe in empowerment of self, abundance in this life and that we are deserving of tapping into and accepting our true self worth and not just that, but owning it and believing it. We believe in You.

Be a guest on our show, share your gift(s) as we offer you that spotlight to shine and get the word out on who you are, what you’re about and what you have to offer…

Please contact Spirit Talk Time’s Customer Service at: [email protected] to inquire more and to learn what’s next in getting a spot on our show!

We Thank you from Spirit Talk Time…from Spirit…See you soon!