1 & 1/2 Hour  Initial Set-Up Consultation : This gives us time to get to know each other in what you are looking for.

Creation Visionary Designer: Meet our Visionary, who is the individual that shall see what you need to bring you into the light to shine among your professional colleagues. Our Visionary will bring forth creative ideas for your journey to be complete with branding you in today’s Spiritual world in your specialized genre. If you have no clue than our Visionary shall know what that is.

This individual will assist you in Marketing you visually for a new look and new do. 

4 hours Branding Consultation: 

Outlining all the steps you will need to enlighten your spirit and moving you forward to gain access to the world around you in a whole new eye opening way. Accessing talk shows, radio productions and more..

Prepare you for guest appearances, questionnaires, radio talk shows and more.

Print layout of marketing Ads.

Optional Packages Offered