1 & 1/2 Hour Set-Up Consultation : This gives us time to get to know each other in what you are looking for.

Creation Designer: Meet our Creative Designer, who is the Director in your video shoot.

This individual will assist you in bringing your project to life on screen

2 Hour Studio Time: This is great to get you started and you can record as many short videos as time permits.

Studio Time 1 to 20 Minute Video’s ( time permitted  2 – hour above)

This is the perfect way for marketing you & your story for advertising purposes on any social media platform. Assisting in generating more public notice in your work genre. All material may then be broadcast thru Rainbow Butterfly Productions .

Xtra Packages: If you need we have our Make-up Artist & Hair Stylists available. You may chose one or both for your video shoot.

Make-up Artist: 300.00

Hair Stylists: 300.00

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylists Package Deal: 500.00