1 & 1/2 Hour Set-Up Consultation : This gives us time to get to know each other in what you are looking for.

Creation Designer: Meet our Creative Designer, who is the Director in your video shoot.

Producer: Meet our very own Producer to work with you in bringing your Video Show to Life!

This individual will assist you in bringing your project to life on screen. Optional Promotional packages offered.

Two 4 Hour Studio Time Slots: This is great to get you started and you can record as many short videos/video series for Network Productions as time permits.

Studio Time 1 to 60 Minute Video’s ( time permitted  2-4 hours above- 8 hours total)

Opportunity to pitch your video or show idea to Producers for a weekly show

Xtra Packages: If you need we have our Make-up Artist & Hair Stylists available. You may chose one or both for your video shoot.

Make-up Artist: 300.00

Hair Stylists: 300.00

Make-up Artist & Hair Stylists Package Deal: 500.00