Allow us to assist you in taking one step farther in the Universe

Design, Film & Series Development, Branding, Consulting, Screen Writing, Video Promotional Ads, Video TV Show, Documentaries for you and your Spiritual Business

Do you have an idea that you wish to get out on the World Wide Web for your clients and future clients to see and know you more, but not quite sure how to do so, or do not have the time to spare to put it all together? Are you tired of trying to think of what you can do next? Don’t have the equipment? Do not have the space or the rental fees to high to see over the mountain? We do, and we are here to offer you different programs to help you on your way…

Never be left behind in today’s world of visual effects when it comes to getting yourself out there in the public eye. Rainbow Butterfly Productions offers a wide range of beautiful Video marketing to get you where you wish to be in your journey. Rainbow Butterfly Productions offers a wide range of programs just right for you.

From a 1 minute hello video, to an entire video shoot production series to add to the Spirit Talk Network to share on your social media pages to bring you front and center to your viewing audience. In order to have others invest their time and energy in you, you must invest in yourself. 


We specialize in creating & bringing your vision to life. Our creative & visionary team takes your concept & ideas and assist you in the development. We travel across all areas where you are seeking direction on marketing & advertising campaigns, pitching your ideas, film treatments, story lines, dialogue, screen writing and digital presentation, guiding you every step of the way.

Film & Series Development:

Bringing to life your film or series concept in just the right way that will get you noticed to your targeted potential clients, financiers, and executive producers. Our creative team specializes in storytelling – bringing your vision to life in creating digital pitch, shows, sizzles, trailers, story lines, dialogue, screen writing, music productions, web and blog video’s.


We work with you to upgrade your ideas with digital video presentations, layout a look book, sizzle or series treatment that will allow others to see your hard earned vision come to life as you see it within you.

Entertainment Branding:

Watch as we bring your concepts and your Brand to life with custom videoing, ads and marketing strategies.

Spirit Talk Network:

Access a community of Video series TV & Web shows/ programs to get you noticed and get you out there in the Social Media WWW.

2 – Hour Consultation Only: $300.00

Let’s sit down and discuss what you have in mind for your business or creative ideas, so we may bring your vision to life and see in which direction to take it…

Let’s Begin Package: $650.00

Okay Let’s Step up Package: $900.00

Let’s DO This Package: Video Show Production: $2500.00

Branding package: $1200.00

Spirit Talk Network Studio Series:

Join the Spirit Talk Network and have your show/series/vlog up and running to a larger viewing audience.

Separate Consultations Required to work with Studio Director and Producer. Pitch your show idea to join the Spirit Talk Network a Rainbow Butterfly Productions . A series of Spiritual and Inspirational TV Shows. For more information email: [email protected]

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